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Private Pilot Certificate Course

An applicant for the private pilot certificate with an airplane rating must have at least thirty five (35) hours per FAR, Part 141 or forty (40) hours per F. A. R., Part 61 of flight instruction and solo flight time. However, the average student completes his/her license in 55 hours. The minimum FAA requirements must include the following (Federal Aviation Regulation Part 141 & Part 61):

Twenty (20) hours of flight instruction from an authorized flight instructor, including at least:

Ten (10) hours of solo flight time, Part 61 or Five (5) hours of solo flight time, Part 141, including at least:

Estimated Cost Based on the National Average, as listed by Aircraft and Packages below:

35 hours of flight training with instructor
$ 4,795.00
$ 5,635.00
20 hours of solo flight time
$ 1,800.00
$ 2,280.00
20 hours of pre and post flight instructor briefing
$ 940.00
$ 940.00
Enrollment Fee
$ 40.00
$ 40.00
Less available block time discounts, if prepaid
($ 753.00)
($ 885.00)
$ 6,822.00
$ 8,010.00

Ground School Training:

Dulles Aviation offers an optional Private Pilot Ground School at an additional cost of $550.00 (includes most supplies). Classes are held in the evening, twice a week for eight weeks in the training room in our main building. Schedules and information concerning the Private Pilot course as well as other ground school courses are available from any Dulles Aviation Instructor.